We aim to give your dog or cat the best preventative healthcare by vaccinating them annually against several infectious diseases.

By doing this, we are protecting your dog or cat as much as possible. In The Netherlands a high percentage of animals is vaccinated, hence the degree of protection of all pets is high and every dog and cat will profit from this. Diseases have very little opportunity to spread around because of this, and the chance of your pet contracting a disease is very small. 
We’ve noticed there is a growing concern for over-vaccination and a demand for alternatives among pet-owners. Considerations for this can be that an animals has had an adverse reaction to a vaccination in the past, has a low immune-response because of chronic or underlying disease, or the pet-owner wants to achieve maximum protection with minimal vaccinations. 

This is why we are now offering VacciCheck to our clients. This is a simple in-clinic blood test that measures the antibody titre for several infectious diseases. This gives us information about the level of protection on the moment that the bloodsample is taken, and whether revaccination is necessary or not.

This is possible for the following diseases:


  • Infectious hepatitis (Canine Adeno Virus-1 en CAV-2)

  • Parvovirus (Canine Parvo Virus)

  • Distemper disease (Canine Distemper Virus) – also available for ferrets


  • Panleukopenia (Feline Parvo Virus)

  • Feline upper respiratory tract disease (Feline Herpes Virus)

  • Feline upper respiratory tract disease (Feline Calici Virus)

Important to know: Dogs will need to be vaccinated every year for Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough (Canine Infectious Bronchitis). Every dog and cat needs an annual health check, so we can detect any (hidden) illness at an early stage. We can take the blood sample for the VacciCheck during the annual health check.  

The price for the VacciCheck (including taking the blood sample): € 74,90

If, according to the test result, you need to come back again for revaccination, you will not need to pay for the second consultation but for the vaccination only.